Sunday, January 7, 2018

Guardian Tarot

 Guardian Tarot

by Beth Seilonen

Brings together humans and trees to foster awareness of nature and the self. You will journey along a path to unite and foster awareness of the importance between nature and yourself and promote your own personal development and joy.

The tarot cards are amazing and more interesting as you look at each one. I love trees so this was right up my alley. Each tarot cards is colorful with the image so detailed. It comes with an instruction book to help you along the way. Each tarot card is fully explained and it has the picture of the tarot card so it's easy to follow along. As the cards are laid out, there are two points of view that will affect each reading: the upright position and reverse, or upside down. The definitions for the upright and reverse are offered in each interpretation.

In working with this deck you'll find an honest insight to any situation or concerns has come to the surface to assist in your life journey. By having an open and candid reflection of the situation at hand, it offers a very direct opportunity to move through the moment with clarity and  for you to grow as a person. I highly recommend this tarot deck and add to your collection.

I got this tarot deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.

Beth Seilonen, a graduate from University of Maine, Orono, has created 100 decks since 2007. Inspired by the events of life, she continues to explore the variants of spiritual understanding through many different perspectives.