Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Magical Dimensions

Magical Dimensions

by Lightstar

Publisher: Red Feather; 1 edition (August 15, 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-0764353451

Oracle Cards And Activators

Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards are a very powerful deck of cards that help to unlock one's multidimensionality, and although they are digital art based, they truly emagnate Ascension energies, which is quite rare to experience with most digital decks.

The companion guide contains 44 numbered card images, titles, and description words to assist with your interpretations. Each card will have two different sections, with a Celestial Interpretation and an Oracle Interpretation, so you can understand the card meaning from both perspectives. The cards are intended to strengten your intuition, so if you receive a psychic impression that differs from the card meaning that is written, then by all means, trust your intuition on this.

At the end of each card interpretation, you will also find a few companion crystal/stone and essential oil suggestions that are  associated with each  particular card. Crystals and essential oils resonate to particular high frequencies, and they are very beneficial in  enhancing our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth.

When you choose a particular card, if you hold one of the crystals or stones suggested for that card, the card frequencies will be enhanced by that crystal or stone. Essential oil that is suggested for each card will also work in the same capacity. These attunements will futher support you in making the necessary transformations toward your well-being, goals, and dreams.

The keys of Heaven and Earth is a powerful layout providing insights into the messages Spirit is trying to relay from both Heaven and Earth--also referred to as Father and Mother. This blends both Spirit and the physical worlds together beautifully. So, as you shuffle the deck, you can ask, "What do Heaven and Earth have to share with me this day?"

The art work on each card is stunning with great detail. You are going to really enjoy using the card deck. I love the fact that each card has a crystal and essential oil. These cards draw me into them and are a delightful addition to my Oracle collection.

About the Author
Lightstar is a High-Frequency Attunement Artist and Celestial Channel. Her artwork is infused with sacred color rays and light codes that transmit pure divine inspiration.

I was given this Oracle Deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.