Monday, July 24, 2017

Shakespearean Tarot

Shakespearean Tarot

Author Michael Kucharski

Shakespearean Tarot is very classy with the use of today’s character look and yesterday’s clothes come together. The box it comes in is made of sturdy cardboard. The design on the box is a crisp new look. The colors are vivid with a detailed picture of long ago Empress.

Using Your Tarot Cards
The cards of the Shakespearean Tarot deliver a message that we may receive through meditation and introspection. In this way, the cards teach us how to be wise. Tarot allows us to meditate in order to learn about ourselves, to use self-control and to make the best choices in life. Tarot provides a view of life and reveals opportunities through its images and card combinations. But the final choice about how to actually conduct our lives belongs to us alone.
A Tarot deck is a personal item. Do not lend your deck to anyone else. Before using your Tarot deck for a reading, go through the cards and carefully consider each image. What emotions, ideas, or messages do the images convey to you? You may want to jot down some notes of personal reactions to each card.

Reading Tarot Cards
Read your Tarot cards anytime you want or need to. Night time and the day of a full moon provide the most favorable environment. You must be in a good mental state. You should not be anxious or under stress. Your surroundings should be quiet and should provide filtered light.
During a reading, a candle can be lit and cards may be spread on a clean black or white sheet.
Questions must be clear and precise. The cards should be well-shuffled and cut, and the chosen cards taken by the left hand. If a card escapes and falls out during the shuffling, look at it carefully. It is always an important indication in your reading.
If necessary, you can read cards for a person who is not with you. Use a signifier card chosen from the deck, or have a photo or letter present during the reading written by the person for whom you are doing the reading.

The Major Arcana
There are 22 Major Arcana cards. One of them, The Fool does not have a number assigned to it; it is usually considered card 0 or card 22. The Major Arcana cards represent our most significant like experiences.

The Minor Arcana
There are 56 Minor Arcana cards in 4 suits of 14 cards each. Each suit includes 10 numbered cards and 4 court cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Page).

Suit Association
Scepters Activity, Spiritual strength, work
Cups Feelings
Swords Difficulty, ideas, understanding
Coins Financial and material matters

This is one of my favorite cards. 19 – The Sun-The Puck
A Midsummers Night’s Dream ends with the Puck’s farewell speech ushering in the dawn with the rising of the  Sun; its radiance warming the hearts of all present, enriching us and bringing new hope with a new day, for through hope and love is the union of the spiritual and material achieved.  

Divinatory Meaning: Optimism, glory, joy of living, serenity, generosity, charisma, success, merited wealth, good health, good luck, happiness.

Reversed Meaning: Bad events, selfishness, lack of sincerity, anxiety, canceled project, material waste, unrequited love, lies, and loneliness.

The future is neither carved in stone nor painted upon pasteboard; Tarot cards do not prophecy the future—they merely guide us. Do not be discouraged if you occasionally have a negative reading; take it as a warning. Consider the message, and make the choices that best suit you and your situation. Tarot invites you to follow your intuition; it remind you that you have free will and you should exercise it.

About the Author

Michael Kucharski has been an art mentor, art teacher, cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer, exhibit designer, artist, painter, print maker, and visual problem solver and will always be a student of the arts. He has created many Tarot-based images; this is his first complete Tarot deck.

I was given this Tarot deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.