Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Ring Cycle Tarot

Allegra Printz

on May 18, 2017
From the first touch of these beautiful cards I could feel the magic in them. 
The Ring Cycle Tarot is based on Richard Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung. 
These cards are truly one of a kind in excellence and story. This rare deck
is exquisitely detailed in each.They are magical from my first cards being held
to the last.

The four elemental Tarot suits in this powerful divination tool are realized from

 four Ring Cycle races: Gods (Fire/Wands), demi-god Walsungs
(Water/Cups), human Gibichungs (Air/Swords), and dwarf Nibelungs
(Earth/Disks/Pentacles). The accompanying book explains each card and the history
behind it, very informative. I highly recommend these cards if you would like to
feel some true magic.
I was given this tarot deck from Schiffer Publishing for an honest review.

    About the Author

The Psalm Cards and messages from the psalms

Author Rabbi Robert dos Santos Teixeira, LCSW

on May 18, 2017

Reading Psalms from my bible was one of my favorite parts in the bible. It is very strong
in details with each card having a number listed of which Psalms is being used for that 
card. This deck and guide incorporate insights from a variety of sources, such as
Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism (Tanakh, Talmud,Zohar), Jungian psychology and
Twelve-Step recovery, and offers useful spiritual tools, such as affirmations,
breathing exercises,mantras, prayers, and visualizations.

Otherworld Tarot

Author Alison Williams
Artwork by Sarah Nowell

Born from a love of fairy art with a colorful twist, these cards are beautifully illustrated with fairies, elves, magicians, and other fairy folk.Those who love magical creatures and the fairy realm are drawn from across a crowded room when they spot these cards. The
 images seem to float and sparkle. This is one deck you won't want to miss. It's a true gem for a tarot lover's collection. Lavishly colored, the vibrant illustrations glow richly. This beautiful and unusual artwork is brimming with magic. And you'll meet all manner of 
magical beings in your journey through the Otherworld Tarot.

I seem to have a kinship with the cards, a familiarity I never expected. The cards are sturdy; they will obviously serve me well for many years. The box they came in was a pleasant surprise!! It is very sturdy. 
The book goes into great deal explaining the "story" in a way that makes them easy to remember. The meanings explained, are simple to understand and have been extremely accurate as well.

I am blown away by the art, the quality, the book, and the intuitiveness of this deck. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone wanting to learn!!!

I was given this book from Schiffer Publishing.

   About the Author

Author Alison Williams is a keen reader of the Tarot and has

 amassed a large collection of Tarot decks. She lives in Scotland. 

Artist Sarah

 Nowell from Bradford, England has been drawing fairies, 

unicorns, and dragons for as long as she can remember; they

 are now her main focus.