Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tree of Life Oracle Review

Tree of Life Oracle

By Elaine Clayton

Use your innate connection to nature, through trees, to find solutions to life's questions. This oracle, consisting of 30 beautiful image cards and an accompanying booklet, is designed to help you with relationships, self-empowerment, and personal well-being. The focus of this deck is to strengthen the consciousness of the participant. Trees, in all their beauty and majesty, inspire us as humans and remind us of our aspirations and ideals, our potential to love and expand in knowledge. Tree of Life Oracle enhances self-awareness, while supporting our human nature as we strive to grow through challenges and struggles. Detailed ink and watercolor drawings bring out inner knowing and enhance deeper sensitivity. The explanations for each card are written to expand psychological, intuitive-empathic intelligence, while delighting the participant and reminding her/him that all we need to know can be found through our kinship with nature. Tree of Life Oracle will help you through any season of life.

I've found the deck to be so fluid and intuitive that the differences do not hinder my interpretations. I've found it to be like settling down with a dear friend. Each morning I look forward to sitting on my front porch and doing a quick read. It is very nature base. Indeed, all of the court cards are trees, and the deck is full of Old World imagery. It is very lovely and refreshing. I'm so very thankful to have added this deck to the family.
As far as the artwork -- the picture on the box is a good representation. Subtle and expressive and not redundant - all art adds to the interpretation. This is a beautiful deck I absolutely love it!!!
This is a delicate time for humanity as a whole. We cannot forget our primal roots. I am using technology to deliver a message that says let it go for a while. Power down your laptops and cellphones. Pick up a copy of the Tree of Life Oracle. Oracle cards will never be downloadable. Next, visit a local forest with your deck. Find a sunny clearing near a tree that calls to you. Sit down with the cards and chat with them. Happiness this way lies...

I was given this book by Schiffer Publishing.