Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lenormand Cartomancy Review

Lenormand Cartomancy

By Christopher Butler (Author)


Marie-Anne Lenormand was the greatest celebrity fortune teller of the Napoleonic Era. Among her famous consultants were Frances, Lady Shelley, Robespierre, and the Empress Josephine, with whom she formed a lifelong bond of friendship. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the enigmatic fortune telling deck contained in this box has been associated with her secret techniques of cartomancy and fortune telling. Discover for yourself this long revered tradition through the comprehensive guidebook and a traditional Lenormand deck, freshly re-illustrated for the modern age. You will be guided on a card-by-card journey, and, when you've finished, you'll have the skills to perform readings both simple and complex. Take your cards and, in the words of the great lady herself, coupez! The spell cast by the Sybil of the Salons has never been stronger.

This has become my go-to deck because it is a visual feast and yields excellent readings. It is perfect for beginners because the book explains the process of reading in a clear, easy to follow manner. The layers of reading can be taken in stages so it does not become overwhelming. The kit is perfect for advanced readers as they can add to their knowledge base and try new spreads.

These cards will amaze you! I thought it was one of the best books written that was included with the deck. So in conclusion, if you collect/use Lenormand cards you have to get this deck, overall I can’t say enough good things about this deck. I do recommend this deck.

I was given this book by Schiffer Publishing.