Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bleu Cat Tarot Review

Bleu Cat Tarot

BY  Beth Seilonen
My Review
Available October 2013
There's no cat like the precocious, sociable, and clever Siamese when it comes to learning just what you need to know to put your life on the right track - or take it off the wrong one! Bleu Cat Tarot captures antics, expressive body language, and just downright style of this cat favorite. Beth Seilonen's 78 modern Tarot cards, painted in black and white with a touch of blue for style, will guide you through lifestyle perspectives with a light heart and new approaches to getting things done. Using the gentle, knowing humor of a Siamese's daily life, the accompanying fun and easy guidebook offers cat-wise reflections that will tickle your inner funny bone. Never had a Siamese as your guide to life before? Don't you think it's time you did?
I am an absolute animal lover and cats are my favorite species. Over the years, my feline companions have provided me with friendship, love and humor (and on occasion, worry and aggravation). I feel that cats have real "human" characteristics - which is perhaps why we relate to their expressions and actions so well.
I was intrigued when the Bleu Cat Tarot by Beth Seilonen, landed on my desk. Would I be able to read with a deck that has no humans on it save for one or two as backdrops? Can cats convey messages that are appropriate for us?

I wasted no time digging into this deck to find out. The deck is lovingly and beautifully illustrated and the personalities of the cat shine through clearly. And here is what I loved: despite this being a "cat" deck, you can absolutely see real feelings and situations that humans could relate to. That is not an easy feat and I applaud the artist for this!
My husband and I spent some time doing readings and were amazed at how easy it was to read with the Siamese cat. These work just as well as any regular deck in my opinion. This deck is perfect for doing readings for cat lovers, children or anyone who is perhaps afraid of tarot. Cats can teach us many things about how to make the best of almost any situation.

It is obvious to see that the author knows cats and tarot - very well. This deck is great.

I would recommend this deck not just for fans of felines but anyone who loves tarot and would like a "new vision" of the same old same old.

I was given this book from Schiffer Publishing.