Thursday, October 3, 2013

Illuminara Intuitive Journal With Cards Review

Illuminara Intuitive Journal with Cards

Elaine Clayton

This journal adds to my learning process and gives me a nice way to refer back to specific spreads that are taught in my circle. This Journal is not only well thought out, and well presented, but it is something that I found I could connect to in a very special manner (unlike random pieces of paper, or simply using a regular notebook for journaling).
I have always hand-drawn my spreads on paper before throwing the cards, so in addition to keeping all of my spreads under one cover, this journal helps me have a much more orderly and attractive way to organize my thoughts and keep up with the insight I've gathered. Journal is a nice compact size so you can carry it with you (another important detail).
This journal is really beautiful. Using it feels makes me feel like I am taking my readings seriously enough to record them in a keep able format. The quality of this journal is really high, it is nice and small and easy to carry. The art work is amazing. I truly love this journal for my everyday readings.
The cards are amazing! Very detailed and colorful. You will feel a connection to them as I have. I am so impressed with this journal and card combination. A sturdy book that will hold up well. I recommend this journal for beginners and experienced Tarot readers.
Wow! This is a totally different tarot book full of exercises that really make you think! I’m still working in it and I am thrilled to have something new to stretch my knowledge of tarot. Usually I comment to myself "you don't need another tarot book" but this book I highly recommend to anyone working with the tarot, whether you are new to tarot or have been reading tarot forever!

I was given this book by Schiffer Publishing.