Monday, September 9, 2013

To Risk Extinction Review

To Risk Extinction 


I love Robert-Siczak's style, her pacing, her dialogue, and her insights. For Roberts-Siczak fans, this book won't disappoint. The story was an intriguing one and well told. Her work opens new possibilities in my mind about how I would write a book of this caliber.

To Risk Extinction was the perfect title for this book as its plot kept me guessing to the end. I did not truly foresee where the author was taking me. This is what a good mystery writer should achieve. It was good and well written. The story is dramatic and grabbed my interest right away. I love the character interaction, they make a good team.

If you like mysteries, this book certainly will not disappoint you. This book had a lot of twist and turns in it. It really kept me in the dark until the very end. As in most mysteries; too much information will only spoil the story for you. Characters well defined and believable. This book kept my interest and was very easy to follow. Will look forward to more books by Victoria Robert-Siczak. I would recommend it for anyone who loves a great mystery.