Monday, August 19, 2013

When Smiles Fade Review

When Smiles Fade

My Review

If this story was fiction, no one would believe it. It is a pretty twisted true story that is not for the weak of heart. It is a story about torture and mayhem. I liked it because it took you through the story and trial. It really didn't leave any questions hanging.

It takes a lot to keep me turning the pages nowadays. Maybe that makes me morbid, but this book is an eye opener that makes you feel sadness, anger, confusion, and frustration. I like a book that can make me feel anything I guess. I knew evil existed in this world, but this hits home. And in the most senseless way possible, it's no wonder to me anymore why people don't ask questions anymore when it comes to children and rumors. This book is not for the emotionally weak. The beastly torture was uncalled for. She was young and innocent.

This book is harsh reading but I couldn't put it down. Everyone needs to read this to hopefully realize we are different but everyone deserves to live free and not be tortured.