Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Tarot Wheel: A Fast and Easy Divination System Review

The Tarot Wheel: A Fast and Easy Divination System

My Review

The Tarot Wheel, based on Rider Waite principles makes reading the Tarot easy, fun, and effective for all ages. Through a spinning of seven interconnected wheels, this simple format will have you reading Tarot within minutes, without long study or cumbersome research. Find information about your past, present, strengths, influences, obstacles, and the outcomes to your most important questions. Isn't it time for your wheel to go round and round?

And I have to say that this is one of the most lively, 'talkative,' user-friendly, and 'warm and fuzzy' tarot deck system I've ever come across. The images and messages I receive don't make me as 'nervous' as some of the other 'serious' ones I own which is a nice little shift. NOT to say that this deck shouldn't be taken seriously at all, because this system will just "jump out" at you and make their messages known to you LOUD and CLEAR, lol! I think I made a wise choice, and this will probably be one of my favorite decks to use now.

I believe each person who discovers the Tarot is a seeker of wisdom and knows there is a Power greater than ourselves. The Tarot reflects the combined wisdom of humans who have sought an understanding of the Will of the Divine. Readings are designed to "guide" the recipient, not "forecast" the future. The Tarot Wheel merely reveals the situation at hand and point to possible outcomes.

I also believe this tarot wheel is an EXCELLENT choice for beginners! And once again... a more light-hearted, fun-filled experience and approach for the more seasoned and serious veteran tarot card readers out there.

I was given this book from Schiffer Publishing.