Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Monster's Game Review

The Monster's Game

My Review

littlegirl413 is the chosen pen name for The Monster's Game. Littlegirl was sexually abused for years and grew up pretending to have the perfectly normal, happy life. All the while, she was very sad inside; the secrets always haunting her dreams. Finally, at age 52, she began putting her life into poetry; at last able to express what she had been repressing and hiding for nearly 50 years.

Her book is intended to reach those who have been abused and let them know they are no longer alone and they too have a voice. It is also a call to those who have not seen the lasting effects of abuse, to take action, support those survivors around them, and stop ignoring this silent epidemic. Lastly, it's a call to all the monsters that are hiding in the circle of trust, that we know you, we see you and we will no longer be silent and keep those secrets.

First let me say this: I commend anyone who puts out a book on this subject matter, it is brave, thoughtful, and honorable. It is a much needed genre and shouldn't be too strongly criticized. That aside; one of the few things this book succeeded in doing was convincing me that sexual abuse has a detrimental effect on the person in their adult life, something I had no need to be convinced of. It also no doubt made the average survivor feel less alone.

This book is written in a way to really help one get through it, and to understand one's confused feelings or irrational behavior. I was in tears while reading the experiences she went thru. It is a very enlightening book and really helps you to understand what they are going through and how you might help them. It is definitely a hard read.. but based on the name you already knew that.

It helps to understand the coping mechanism of abuse from childhood through adulthood. The best book available to help survivors cope and understand. For anyone who has been the victim of abuse, this resource may be helpful for you to understand that what you are feeling and experiencing is normal...a great healing tool along with professional help.