Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Advocate's Betrayal (The Advocate #2) Review

The Advocate's Betrayal (The Advocate #2)


"Pain, from a sharp knife plunged into his chest, yanked John out of a deep sleep. He forced his eyelids open. The only thing worse than the pain was the shock when he saw who was standing over him. It wasn't until the blood dripped on his face that he realized it was not a dream."

That first paragraph pulls you in and doesn't let you go until the end. John and Betty are Sabre's friends. When John is murdered and Betty is accused, Sabre is determined to prove her innocence. Along with Bob as co-counsel and JP to investigate Sabre sets out to do just that, but finds that Betty is hiding something and that something could get them all killed.

This book is fast paced and gripping. Towards the end I literally couldn't sit still. The action builds to a peak and doesn't disappoint. Teresa Burrell writes characters that you immediately like and by the end you feel like old friends. I read Advocate's Conviction first when I was introduced to the trio so it was nice to see what they were up to again in Betrayal and cannot wait to start on Advocate's Dilemma. I cannot say enough about Teresa Burrell and her Advocate's Series. I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed.