Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Silent Cry: A Novel by Dywane Birch Review

Silent Cry: A Novel


A Broken Mess

It was in 'Beneath The Bruises' that readers met Randy and Syreeta Taylor. We learned that Randy was an abusive husband and Syreeta a stay-at-home mom, dependent on her abuser. Through counseling, we watched as Syreeta grew and finally realized who she was, and Randy was also receiving help. As the book closed, you're hopeful that this family would be better as they worked things out in counseling. Was it helpful? 

SILENT CRY opens and readers become acquainted with K'wan Taylor, the oldest of Randy and Syreeta's five sons. K'wan is currently living at a residential treatment facility and he isn't talking. He is fourteen and has been living in a constant state of fear. K'wan had hoped after his father was arrested and moved out of the family home that their lives would finally be normal. Unfortunately his mother forgave his father, allowing him to move back in. While his dad promises not to abuse his mother again, K'wan was always on edge and soon his father's word meant absolutely nothing as he was back to being abusive. 

K'wan believes that he is solely responsible for his mother’s safety. Filled with so much fear and hate, he finds himself wishing death on his father. Will he finally kill him?

SILENT CRY is an intense look into the lives of the children dealing with abuse. This story deals with the other victims and how they interact in relationships of their own. Dywane D. Birch opened the door to the often forgotten about victims, the children. In doing so, readers get a first-hand view of how detrimental abuse is to the entire family unit. This was not an easy read for me which means that Birch definitely did his due diligence of presenting readers with a worthy follow up. 

I'd definitely recommend SILENT CRY to all who've read BENEATH THE BRUISES. Birch is an author with a true and sincere talent.