Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mumma Shana Review

Mumma Shana


I find this book to be a helpful reminder that if we want to accomplish anything, we must first put our mind to it. Such a great gift. Dana Wolf is truly a talented communicator. 

Finding balance in one's life, learning what living in freedom really means, having time for relationships, accessing a higher image of oneself--these skills for living more fully and less fitfully are readily available to the reader who takes the time to read this book and take seriously the gems of wisdom contained in its pages.

This is a great book by a new and upcoming author. You never want to put the book down and when it's over you wish there had been another few chapters. Great story.

Oh the devastation this woman has gone through! But it shows what a true hero she is when it comes to surviving in difficult relationships situation. Fantastic read.