Sunday, August 18, 2013

Haunted Asylums Review

Haunted Asylums

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Elaborately constructed insane asylums were once a common sight on the outskirts of our 19th and 20th century cities. The ones that remain serve as a grim reminder of the horrible mistreatment of the mentally ill. The most frightening stories are in this book.

Part horror, part mystery, Haunted Asylums is a brilliant book told like no other you'll read in this or any year. This is one of the most disturbing and outrageous books you’ll ever read, one that could only come from the mind of E.R. Vernor. I just finished this book and of the true stories out there this one rates at the top. There are very few books that I would actually call page turners, but this is definitely one. I found myself reading faster and faster to get to the end, and literally could not put it down.

It was really scary. You should have more of this kind. I really like these kinds of stories. The scarier the better.

Learn the history behind the infamous Riverside patient Mary Mallon, also known as "Typhoid Mary." Get spooked by the gothic and foreboding buildings at Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts, which became both the inspiration and the filming location for the movie Session 9, and Oregon State Hospital, where Jack Nicholson's famous One Flew Over the Coco's Nest was filmed. Today, these abandoned state institutions have been converted into other uses or remain in shambles, but the ghosts of their pasts linger.

I was given this book from Schiffer Publishing.