Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eyes on the Bayou Review

Eyes on the Bayou


I became instantly captivated as soon as I opened this book. The story provides originality as it is relatable and deal with current issues on a global sphere. I found myself addicted and wanting more!! This will defiantly get anyone thinking not only that but every story has a perfect "twisted" and "dark" ending to it. If you like to read this is defiantly the book for you because the story will leave you wanting more!

You know that feeling you get watching the old twilight zones, the black and white? When the eerie contrasts lend a hand in increasing the feeling of foreboding anticipation for the character. And then the crackling sounds of the narrator come in, capitalizing on the 'what if,' for the fool on screen... Eyes on the Bayou is it for this sentry. 

I love how the story links together when you least expect it, crafted very subtly throughout, as are the plot twists which, for the first time in years, I genuinely didn't see coming!