Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dream Raven Tarot Review

Dream Raven Tarot

My Review

As a dream carrier of messages for the soul, Dream Raven Tarot enables the reader to experience unconscious messages through a menagerie of symbolic ravens ready to assist in personal growth and reflection. From subtle to vibrant designs, 78 Tarot art cards and an easy-to-read guidebook will give you a better understanding of life.

WOW deck was love at first site. The artwork is very beautiful. It is beginners friendly and children can also use it. These are full of life and light!

Not only a gorgeous deck to behold, but a truly helpful and astounding tool of spiritual discovery...I have never had a deck that immediately attempted to speak to me on the soul level in the very first reading with it. When I received the Dream Raven Tarot and opened the package I could feel its energy already reaching out to me. That is incredibly rare.

An outer worldly instrument for an inner-worldly Journey! Congrats to Beth Seilonen for creating a new look tarot deck that just may be the One that energizes and challenges not only a genre of intuitive instruments but our Higher Souls themselves!

I found the reading to be uplifting and inspiring and enjoy the set very much.

I was given this book on Schiffer Publishing.