Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Claws of the Griffin Review

 Claws of the Griffin


I am absolutely wholeheartedly a fan of Ron D. Voigts. The twists and excitement is almost non-stop throughout the story. It has been very well written by Ron D. Voigts and it has me wanting more from this author. Such is the writhing, riveting feeling of suspense that consistently plagues not only the characters of this thrilling horror story, but also serves to brilliantly and fluently infect its readers.

Ron D. Voigts's Claws of the Griffin is an electrifying, blood-tingling, and macabre mix of literary skill and strategy and the meticulously depicted range of human emotion and experience. This truly effective combination serves to not only keep readers constantly questioning and guessing, but also allows readers to connect more intimately with the experiences and reactions of the characters. I highly recommend this book.