Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breath in the Dark Review

Breath in the Dark


This book was absolutely riveting... I seriously could not put it down! A very powerful account of a terrible childhood written in such a way as to totally engross the reader in the story. This book illustrates how much impact parental figures have on a child's life and how fortunate one is to have good parents and role models which, unfortunately, Jane Hersey did not. Kudos to Jane Hersey for sharing such a deeply personal story with us all. I'm looking forward to all future books from this fine author! 

Intense and heartbreaking, this memoir shares a story that will leave you reeling. The matter-of-fact descriptions and memories of abuse, the rationalization that only a child can manufacture the despair. 

I cried over this-sad tears, angry tears, and heartbreaking tears. How a little girl could live through such a horror show and still be with us is a miracle. That she has risen above that hell to share her story with others is a blessing. The story is raw and personal-and you can't help but keep reading so that you can know that she makes it through. This book moved me so deeply and will stay with me for a long time.