Sunday, August 18, 2013

Audacious Action Angels Oracle Review

Audacious Action Angels Oracle

My Review

You have your own audacious angels working alongside you every day, helping you to live in your body and listen to its knowing!

There is nothing negative or unsettling about the readings from the angel cards: each offers positive aspects of love and healing energy for all situations. The accompanying illustrated book gives a full commentary for each card and shows how easy the system is to use. Open your heart to the Audacious Action Angels Oracle and open yourself to life. You now have the means to access this divine wisdom.

This Oracle has been a necessary and instrumental tool in my life. Again, again, and again, the Angels reaffirm the Truth on a daily basis, providing guidance, support, love, and nurturance through the messages in these cards and book. I highly recommend this Oracle to anyone who seeks proof that Angels walk with us.

I was given this book by Schiffer Publishing.