Sunday, August 18, 2013

Astrology & Past Lives Review

Astrology & Past Lives

My Review

Astrology & Past Lives is the first book to examine birth charts for previous incarnations. Author Mary Devlin shows you how to interpret past-life charts and compare them to your present one.

Understanding your previous incarnations can turn into a fascinating journey of self-discovery and healing. You can gain insight into destructive habits that may have begun in a past life -- and then create a more positive and creative new life. Resolving your past can help improve your future. Reincarnation may explain mysteries in your life, such as why you have that strange phobia, or why some people seem comfortably familiar even though you've just met, while others elicit an instinctive discomfort. What is at the root of dysfunctional family relationships, chronic pains, or other repetitive issues you've encountered in relationships? By looking backward into possible lives you may have lived before, you may gain a new understanding through which you can help yourself move forward to a more fulfilling life.

This book may change your life! It's full of wonderful exercises you can do yourself to help you discover more about your past lives and who you are as a spiritual being. Astrology & Past Lives prepares you to set foot on the grandest adventure of your life. Find your true purpose. Find greater love than you’ve ever known. This book can change you forever.

I was given this book from Schiffer Publishing.