Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Thriver's Journey My Father's (and My Own) Holocaust Chronicle Review

A Thriver's Journey My Father's (and My Own) Holocaust Chronicle


A Thriver's Journey has allowed me to share my father's story, connect myself to a family long lost, and find myself along the way.

It is a difficult subject, and therefore this book can be exhausting as you leaf through it's almost 318 pages, but it is a subject that needs to discussed and taught for generations to come. Never before have I seen such care and thoroughness applied to a book about the Holocaust. Every single page is packed, and I mean PACKED, with every tidbit of information you could possibly want to know. You could literally spend hours with it in your lap and just scratch the surface of what's inside.

This book is an absolute and definitive must for any person who has an interest in the history of the Holocaust. It is still difficult to comprehend the cruelty of which people can be capable, and that is part of what makes her story so important. It is only through the telling of these stories that we today are able to begin to understand what truly happened. This is a story that needed to be told, and it is a story that needs to be heard.

This book is amazingly raw and honest. It is a devastating and important account of history. The reader can almost hear the story told through Daniel's own voice. A powerful read to help put present day life into perspective. 

It was difficult to read without crying for the first few chapters. It's written as he spoke about it, it gave me the feelings as if I was sitting at a table listening to him speak. It's horrifying to think of this atrocity happening to anyone, but knowing his Dad survived- make that, thrived afterwards, is just extraordinary!