Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Promethean Oracle

The Promethean Oracle

By Sophia Kelly Schultz and

Mark Cogan

50 Oracle Cards and guidebook using the energies of king, heroes, and gods. Uses divination to expand the depth of reading with Chakras and to historic stories. Includes journal space for readers to record their own impressions.

As you will notice, the cards featuring gods or supernatural beings do not list Chakra affinities. Instead, each has a title intended to give you an idea of the intent of the card so that you may incorporate its wisdom into your reading. Like the other cards, these images can be interpreted in different ways depending upon their placement in your layout.

The Tempus Cards allow you to add another layer to your readings: past, present, and future. Place a card next to each of the Tempus cards in order to better understand the temporal depth of your meditation.
The cards are colored and detailed sure to bring you pleasure while doing reading. They come in a sturdy cardboard box that is larger than others. Beautiful designed with the torch in the middle. It will keep your cards safe and last for years. I highly recommend this deck for the seasoned reader.

I was given this oracle deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.

About the Author

As a professional artist, Sophia Kelly Shultz has always specialized in portraits, particularly in colored pencil. Mark Cogan is an energy healer, specializing in Reiki and crystals.

Spirit Within Tarot

Spirit Within Tarot

By Steven Bright

Spirit Within Tarot has been created with both the beginner and seasoned reader in mind. The symbols, amongst a world we can all identify with, are easy for a Tarot newcomer to interpret. However, since they follow Tarot history, an experienced reader will recognize the traditional symbolism easily.

This book will provide you with an introduction to this deck's many characters a little and scenarios. With little more than your enthusiasm and an open heart, it's time to let your own spirit take its first steps in between the world of the shadows.

The Tarot is a symbolic language. It is a tool for divination and reflection, but above all, it can be a true confidant. I choose to use  this deck of cards, it will always wait faithfully, ready to impart its wisdom. All you need to do is to open your heart, listen without judgment, and lay trust in the secrets it whispers. I highly recommend this deck.

I was given this Tarot deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.

About the Author

Monday, January 8, 2018

White Witch Tarot

White Witch Tarot
by Maja D'Aoust 

Created through decades of research into Alchemy and different divination modalities, this deck offers a fresh new perspective on using the cards to unveil what has been hidden. With the black and gold box and the cards it is different from others. This deck will pull you in to the magic journey.

They are meditative, concentrative, and perception-based methods to achieve amplified awareness of reality and access the subconscious. For each representative character and archetype in the deck. Use this meditation process to receive the information relayed in the Archetypes of the cards through language and imagery.

The psychodrama has been used for millennia by human beings as a technique to process the relationship with the world through reenactment. Perhaps the best known psychodramas
 were given to us by William Shakespeare, who represented the breadth of human experience through relatable characterizations of comedy, and tragedy. There is much evidence that Shakespeare based his work on alchemical and occult teachings, which operate through an initial polarization of good and evil followed by engaging a process of unifying these two forces into one inseparable whole.

By acting out or representing an occurrence, knowledge and wisdom may be gained. All forms of ritual are only enacting in physical motion with intention. The Tarot is a tool to focus the intention of the ritual motion into a system that mirrors the event.

White Witch Tarot is a mental adventure into psychodrama methodically expressing the subconscious through characterization. When confusion arises, engage the psychodrama to release through reflection. I highly recommend this Tarot deck.

I was given this Tarot deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.

About the Author
Maja is a practicing White Witch whose interest in alchemy and the esoteric sciences spans her entire lifetime. Maja earned her masters degree in transformational psychology focusing on Shamanism and the I Ching and writes about alchemy and magic.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Guardian Tarot

 Guardian Tarot

by Beth Seilonen

Brings together humans and trees to foster awareness of nature and the self. You will journey along a path to unite and foster awareness of the importance between nature and yourself and promote your own personal development and joy.

The tarot cards are amazing and more interesting as you look at each one. I love trees so this was right up my alley. Each tarot cards is colorful with the image so detailed. It comes with an instruction book to help you along the way. Each tarot card is fully explained and it has the picture of the tarot card so it's easy to follow along. As the cards are laid out, there are two points of view that will affect each reading: the upright position and reverse, or upside down. The definitions for the upright and reverse are offered in each interpretation.

In working with this deck you'll find an honest insight to any situation or concerns has come to the surface to assist in your life journey. By having an open and candid reflection of the situation at hand, it offers a very direct opportunity to move through the moment with clarity and  for you to grow as a person. I highly recommend this tarot deck and add to your collection.

I got this tarot deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.

Beth Seilonen, a graduate from University of Maine, Orono, has created 100 decks since 2007. Inspired by the events of life, she continues to explore the variants of spiritual understanding through many different perspectives.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Tarot Tracker

Tarot Tracker
A Year Long Journey

By Angelo Nasios

 You can use this simple, effective, and beautiful
annual Tarot calendar and journal to keep track of
your daily readings and seasonal occasions. Foster a
personal bond to your cards and create a permanent
record to keep forever to understand and plan your
special path. A great tool for learning Tarot, as well
as keeping Tarot a part of your daily routine is
jouraling. If you are like me, you need some method
or stucture for keeping track of life: a dedicated book
that was created solely for Tarot journaling. The Tarot
Tracker is the answer to all of our prayers helping to
keep track of our readings.

The Sun keywords: Happiness, Vitality, Success.
Meaning: The year of The Sun offers you the gift of
joy. Use the energy of The Sun to power up to tackle
your goals. Success is almost guaranteed. Happiness
is a repetitive theme this year; enjoy every moment
that comes. Overall, the year is satisfying and

When going through the cards be mineful of your
reactions to them. Do you have a gut reaction? Do you
like or dislike a card? Do you feel naturally drawn to
it? Record your feelings about the cards. Why do you
feel this way about them? What is it about the card
that stirs these emotions?

The book is all laid out for you so you just need to
enter the information you get for each reading. It's
that easy to do daily. There is a listing for day reading
and night reading with some questions to fill out.
You are going to love this book and keep it for
many years. I highly recommend this book to anyone
that reads or wants to learn how to read Tarot.

I was given this book from Schiffer Publishing for
an honest review.

More about the author Angelo Nasios

Biography Angelo Nasios is an active voice in the tarot
and pagan communities. At twenty-three he was voted
"Tarosophist of the Year" by popular vote with the
Tarosophy Tarot Association. Angelo's writes about
Greek history and religion on his Patheos Pagan blog
"Hearth of Hellenism."

Along with the Tarot Angelo studies Western
 Esotericism, religion, and philosophy. Angelo holds a
 B.A in Religious Studies and is currently a graduate
 student earning his M.A in History.

Friday, September 1, 2017

The Star Tarot

The Star Tarot

Author Cathy McClelland

Publisher Red Feather

I was so excited to see this new tarot deck with the stars. It's your path to self discovery through Cosmic Symbolism.I have always been fasinated with anything telling about stars.With the beautiful detailed artwork I fell in love with this deck right away.

It comes with a companion book filled with details of each card and more. Be prepared to enter another world, a star-studded realm of such vibrancy and aliveness that it will take your breath away.This is a spiritual deck, introducing you to guides and places that, as you open to them, renew star represent dreams,wishes,and destinies, as well as the soul seeking guidance for the highest good.

Each card also illustrates opportunities to be discovered.The text is the best kind of guidebook: inspiring, informative, invigorating. Use this deck and book together to renew your spirit and help you realign with your soul purpose and the guiding light of all creation.

The suit of Pentacles symbolizes Mother Earth, the physical body, manifestation, security, and possessions. The Pentacle symbol is a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle.Pentacle represent the 5 senses, stability, accomplishment, prosperity, home, career, health, resoures, work, structure, sensuality, and alchemy. The Pentacles' lesson is to integrate the spiritual inner world with the material outer world creating abundance and evolution in both realms. Pentacles represent the season of Autumn.

The Court cards have different personalities, talents, traits, and goals.Each Court card can represent you, a person in your life, aspects of the self, or events.Each of the Court cards have their own special circular symbol. The Prince and Princesses hold the symbol of the Medicine Wheel. The Knights hold the symbol of the Wheel of Fortune.The Queen hold the symbol of the Mandala. The Kings hold their personal shield of their coat of arms.

I was given this Tarot deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Magical Dimensions

Magical Dimensions

by Lightstar

Publisher: Red Feather; 1 edition (August 15, 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-0764353451

Oracle Cards And Activators

Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards are a very powerful deck of cards that help to unlock one's multidimensionality, and although they are digital art based, they truly emagnate Ascension energies, which is quite rare to experience with most digital decks.

The companion guide contains 44 numbered card images, titles, and description words to assist with your interpretations. Each card will have two different sections, with a Celestial Interpretation and an Oracle Interpretation, so you can understand the card meaning from both perspectives. The cards are intended to strengten your intuition, so if you receive a psychic impression that differs from the card meaning that is written, then by all means, trust your intuition on this.

At the end of each card interpretation, you will also find a few companion crystal/stone and essential oil suggestions that are  associated with each  particular card. Crystals and essential oils resonate to particular high frequencies, and they are very beneficial in  enhancing our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth.

When you choose a particular card, if you hold one of the crystals or stones suggested for that card, the card frequencies will be enhanced by that crystal or stone. Essential oil that is suggested for each card will also work in the same capacity. These attunements will futher support you in making the necessary transformations toward your well-being, goals, and dreams.

The keys of Heaven and Earth is a powerful layout providing insights into the messages Spirit is trying to relay from both Heaven and Earth--also referred to as Father and Mother. This blends both Spirit and the physical worlds together beautifully. So, as you shuffle the deck, you can ask, "What do Heaven and Earth have to share with me this day?"

The art work on each card is stunning with great detail. You are going to really enjoy using the card deck. I love the fact that each card has a crystal and essential oil. These cards draw me into them and are a delightful addition to my Oracle collection.

About the Author
Lightstar is a High-Frequency Attunement Artist and Celestial Channel. Her artwork is infused with sacred color rays and light codes that transmit pure divine inspiration.

I was given this Oracle Deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review.